We are a creative engine

Experience Matters

Founded by an Ex-Googler, Makalu Marketing takes lessons from Silicon Valley. 

We hire the brightest marketing minds in the industry, work fast, and solve complex problems. Our human capital is your growth engine.   

If you’re looking for a more transparent way to grow your business, Makalu Marketing is the agency for you.

We believe in hard work and dedication

Our attitude is one of “No BS.” Team members work hard, reporting is transparent, and marketing campaigns are creative.

We stop
at nothing

Mediocre success is not good enough and we will stop at nothing until excellence is achieved. Our clients can attest that success is created through hard work, long hours, and human capital. 

We love
to explore

Technology changes markets, and the marketing world is no exception. We are Early Adopters and love to implement the latest and greatest tech for our clients. 

We keep
it simple

Marketing doesn’t need to be complicated. Consumers know what they want – we just need to get in front of them in moments that matter. Our marketing flows are designed to convert and create long lasting customers. 

We take it

Websites, brand image, marketing, operations, staffing….it’s a lot to handle! Our team is here to help – we create step-by-step plans designed around your business goals. All that’s left to do is execute! 

The people behind our success

Andrew Nelson

founder & Ceo

Katelyn Stanwick

social & ppc expert

AI Text Generator

The brains

AI Image Generator

the bronze

They believe in us

Are you ready to take the leap?

Set up a one-to-one discussion with Makalu Marketing’s CEO, Andrew Nelson. We are excited to discuss the nuts and bolts of your business.

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