Marketing is one component of a successful business. We develop plans to build out other components of your business including staffing, pricing, call answering, and much more. 

Learn how Strategy can help your business

Marketing is one aspect

We’ve worked with countless businesses that believe marketing will solve all their problems. Although this can be true, there are often more layers to the onion. 

We describe Marketing as one aspect of the “Sales Flow.” Other components include landing pages, pricing, staff, sales process, and operations. 

Our team is trained to quickly diagnose areas for improvement and implement solutions.

An extension of your team

We feel so strongly that Strategy can help your business, we’ve outsourced Makalu Marketing clients to work for businesses. This gives you unfettered access to an operations expert that can solve the most complex business problems. 

Our relationships usually start with tracking and Marketing, then evolve into assisting with other areas of the business. 

Our Advantages

This text briefly introduces your values to your advantages and tells them what sets you apart from the competition.


Through our work on Marketing programs, we’ve become experts on tracking. From the start, we will track phone calls, form fills, sales activities, ROI, and many other metrics to identify what areas need assistance.


Our team leads training for sales and client facing teams to ensure your brand is being represented well. We teach skills that will make your teams experts at speaking with clients or prospects. 


Pricing can be tricky. If your products are priced too low, consumers think quality is low. If priced too high, fewer purchases will be made. We will ensure you find the sweet spot to maximize ROI. 


Operational excellence is necessary for a successful business. Makalu Marketing can implement the necessary workflows and technology to ensure your business runs smoothly. 

Customized Strategies

Makalu Marketing customizes Strategies based on business goals.

Our goal is to maximize the potential of your business. We provide open and honest feedback and execute with integrity. Our team is highly trained and has a diverse background of experience. 

We have helped businesses grow across a variety of industries including CPG, healthcare, property management, and B2B. 

More of our services


PPC is the meat and potatoes of any marketing plan. We spend upwards of 80% of marketing dollars on Search Engines because it drives the best ROI.

Social Media

Social Media is a splashy way to attract new customers. Our team focuses on driving results through unique ads, tailored messaging, and robust audiences.

Website Design

Websites are a critical aspect of every business. We build sites that connect with customers and are simple to use. Websites include design, content, and call-to-actions.

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