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Websites are a critical aspect of every business. We build sites that connect with customers and are simple to use. Websites include design, content, and call-to-actions.

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Start to Finish

Makalu Marketing builds websites from scratch using WordPress. We do not oursource design projects, meaning you’ll work with our team from start to finish. We deliver functioning websites and will work with you on brand identity, design, colors, and logos. 

Affordable Pricing

Pricing starts at $1,500 and will increase as the complexity of the project increases. We will work with you on pricing expectations from the start and there will be no surprises.

Our Advantages

Makalu Marketing designs and creates websites that will make a lasting impact. We design clean, simple, and action-oriented websites.

Built from Scratch

Makalu Marketing builds websites from scratch using WordPress. Our designs are clean, simple, and drive action. 


Our team builds websites using WordPress, which is the most versatile platform on the market. WordPress sites are easy to update and modify in the future, which will save you time and money. 

Customized Content

We design websites with Marketing in mind, which means we emphasize Landing Pages that convert. Our content is designed by people with assistance from AI. 

Works with Marketing

Our websites are designed with Marketing in mind, which means we emphasize Landing Pages that convert. We also install tracking on your site for a seamless campaign launch. 

Customized Website Designs

Makalu Marketing customizes website designes based on business goals.

We are excited to work with you on brand identity, color schemes, logos, site design, and Call-To-Actions. Our designs are plug and play and allow you to easily implement marketing campaigns and tracking. 

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PPC is the meat and potatoes of any marketing plan. We spend upwards of 80% of marketing dollars on Search Engines because it drives the best ROI.

Social Media

Social Media is a splashy way to attract new customers. Our team focuses on driving results through unique ads, tailored messaging, and robust audiences.


Marketing is one component of a successful business. We develop plans to build out other components of your business including staffing, pricing, call answering, and much more. 

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