Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the fundamental starting point for online advertising. We specliaize in running ads on Google and Bing. 

Why is PPC Marketing is Important?

Return on Investment

PPC advertising has the highest ROI of any digital marketing platform because people express intent on Search Engines. We take advantage of this intent by placing tailored ads on Google and Bing. 

Moments that Matter

Decision journeys can be complex. Users often consult multiple sources and may take days or weeks to make a choice. We utilize Google and Bing’s networks to show ads during moments that matter. These touch-points include email, videos, maps, 3rd party websites, & more. 

Our Advantages

We design users flows from the ground up.

Keyword Selection

Makalu Marketing focuses on high-intent keywords and bids aggressively to get in front of the right users.


We match user intent with relevant ad copy. Our ads are designed to provide all the necessary information and prompt users to action.

Landing Pages

Well designed landing pages can make or break your PPC efforts. Makalu Marketing designs landing pages to provide useful information, be brand consistent, and drive action. 


Call-to-Actions (CTAs) prompt users to purchase or reach out to your business. Examples include add to cart, phone calls, and forms. We design and place CTAs on each landing page to ensure users continue their journey. 

Customized PPC Strategies

Makalu Marketing customizes PPC strategies based on business goals.

Our goal is to maximize the potential of every ad dollar. We design strategies around your business goals, establish performance metrics, and deliver results. 

We practice what we preach and design our own marketing strategies in the same fashion. 

More of our services


Social Media is a splashy way to attract new customers. Our team focuses on driving results through unique ads, tailored messaging, and robust audiences.


Website Design

Websites are a critical aspect of every business. We build sites that connect with customers and are simple to use. Websites include design, content, and call-to-actions.


Marketing is one component of a successful business. We develop plans to build out other components of your business including staffing, pricing, call answering, and much more. 

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