Social Media

Social Media is a splashy way to attract new customers. Our team focuses on driving results through unique ads, tailored messaging, and robust audiences.

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Audience Design

Social Media companies have access to immense amounts of data and allow us to target unique audiences. Audience design and testing is the fundamental building block for a successful social media strategy.

Launch and Iterate

Fast testing allows us to find out which audience segments and ads are successful. We quickly iterate new ads and A/B test against the winning designs. This feedback cycle allows us to connect with customers quickly.  

Our Advantages

Makalu Marketing takes advantage of new technology, products, and Beta’s to ensure your Social Media advertising is ahead of the curve.


Our team combines human know-how and AI systems to create, design, and write advertisements. 

In-House Designers

Makalu Marketing’s designers ensure ads, images, and content are brand consistent. We tailor ads to each audience and A/B test to improve performance.


Our robust tracking systems allow us to quickly tell which ads and audiences are winning. We use Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, and 3rd party tools to track success. 

20+ Years of Experience

Experience goes a long way, and our team has been around the block…several times. We’ve tried just about everything and use our experience to ensure you see success. 

Customized Social Media Strategies

Makalu Marketing customized Social Media Strategies based on Business Goals.

Our goal is to make a splash for your brand and see immediate results. We design strategies around your business goals, establish performance metrics, and deliver results.

More of our services


PPC is the meat and potatoes of any marketing plan. We spend upwards of 80% of marketing dollars on Search Engines because it drives the best ROI.

Website Design

Websites are a critical aspect of every business. We build sites that connect with customers and are simple to use. Websites include design, content, and call-to-actions.


Marketing is one component of a successful business. We develop plans to build out other components of your business including staffing, pricing, call answering, and much more. 

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